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Maribor`s City Park (Mestni park)

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Title: Tourist Information Centre Maribor

Leaving the town core walk northwards and relax in a beautifully cared for park, which together with the three ponds, Piramida and Kalvarija covers an area of 5 hectares.

The park is a popular promenade

The way leads between diverse trees, arranged flowerbeds, the hill Rožni grič and fountains, also via the wonderful three ponds, which represent homes for numerous water birds. In the ponds you will see swans, ducks and also the odd terrapin, which grew too quickly in a home aquarium. You can also visit the Aquarium-terrarium, which is very popular with adults and children alike.  In a small part of the park is a children's playground and children are enthusiastic about the playthings. Meetings with courageous squirrels that come close to collect an offered nut, for sure will be an unforgettable experience.  With a little luck on Sundays you can listen to a concert in the pavilion in the middle of the park.

Maribor`s City Park (Mestni park)
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