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Old Vine Festival

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Address: Vojašniška ulica 8, 2000 Maribor
Event time: 4 October-11 November 2015
Phone: +386 (0)2 25 15 100
Fax: +386 (0) 2 23 46 633
Location: Trg Leona Štuklja, Old Vine House on Lent

Programme of the Old Vine Festival 2015

The Top Wine Festival

No real wine lover would miss it. The best wines from all over the world. From the harvest season until the joyful St. Martin’s Day celebrations. Between the green hills of Pohorje and Slovenske Gorice. Long nights by the mighty Drava River. The festival programme is overflowing with wine tastings, traditional chores, musical numbers, cycling and hiking tours of the hills and mountains surrounding the Slovene Wine Capital.

Culinary Delights

Wine is food. And in Styria, there is a steep competition going on for the best food to accompany each sort of wine. The Old Vine Festival is thus the perfect event to enjoy in culinary delights. Chefs of popular local restaurants will prepare their own visions of Old Vine tastings. A unique experience, possible only in Maribor during the Old Vine Festival.

Mandatory Event for Wine Lovers

The Old Vine Festival is the pinnacle of a series of events beginning with the pruning and ending with the St. Martin’s Day celebration in honour of the Old Vine. The Old Vine grows on the façade of the Old Vine House, where you can visit a wine cellar with a rich selection of wines and learn about the Styrian wine-growing tradition and culture. The best wines of the world will be available on every corner of the old city centre, giving the event a special atmosphere.

More Opportunities for Wine Lovers

Stay in the Maribor over the weekend or even for a week and visit some of the other amazing wine events. You can also explore the nearby wine roads and visit a different wine cellar every day. Everywhere you will be offered the best wines and authentic local food. As a bonus, you get incredible views for free.

Learn the Anthem

You never know when your oenological knowledge will be put to the test. Learn the Old Vine Anthem (performed by: Neuvirtovi Štajerci and the Maribor Octet; recorded by Radio Maribor).

Old Vine Festival
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