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The Old Vine: World's Oldest Vine

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Title: The Old Vine House
Address: Vojašniška 8, 2000 Maribor
Working hours: November - April: every day 10 am-6 pm, May - October: every day 10 am-8 pm.
Phone: +386 (0)2 25 15 100 +386 (0)51 335 521
Fax: +386 (0)2 23 46 603

Oldest Vine by Guinness Book of Records

Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, is the oldest living specimen on our planet of a noble grape vine that still bears grapes! With an age of over 400 years it is registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest vine in the world.

Wine facts of World`s Oldest Vine

  • Old Vine's grape, the sort Žametovka or Modra kavčina is one of the oldest domesticated noble wine sorts in Slovenia

This is one of the oldest domesticated vintage wine sorts in Slovenia. In former times it was popular in Styrian vineyards but it was even better known, also today, in the region of Doljenska in southeast Slovenia – the renowned red wine Cviček is made from it.

Žametna Črnina or Modra Kavčina is namely the most important sort of the renowned red wine called Cviček. It has palmate lobed leaves and beautiful big bunches of grapes with big grapes, which are pleasant to eat. They give the wine a clear red colour.

"The wine from the Old Vine is a pleasantly full-bodied wine. The environment where the Old Vine grows – its location near water, on the south façade of the house - contributes to the high grade of sugar and quality of wine," explains Anton Zafošnik, city vinedresser and custodian of the Old Vine, who with great perseverance and will saved the vine from advancing decay at the end of the 1960s.

  • The 35 to 55 kg symbolic annual grape harvest is bottled in 2,5 dcl glass bottles, designed by the famous artist Oskar Kogoj, that represent a precious protocol gift - annually more than 100 bottles are filled.

Events and highlights around oldest vine

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The wine-cultural highlights of Maribor and its surroundings

Listen to the Old Vine Anthem!
(Performed by Neuvirtovi Štajerci and Mariborski oktet; recorded by Radio Maribor.)
Text of the Old Vine Anthem.

Historical points of interest about viticulture in Štajerska

The Old Vine: World's Oldest Vine
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