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Sports and Recreation

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The tourist destination Maribor-Pohorje offers unique opportunities for sports and recreation. Maribor, nicely small but at the same time the second largest city in Slovenia, enables a quick trip 

  • into the green sea of Pohorje forests,
  • to the picturesque beauty spots of wine growing hills,
  • along or on the river Drava and
  • into the green oasis of city parks.

Simultaneously the Štajerska capital, surrounded by nature’s a green embrace, is also one of the sunniest places in Slovenia. – Ideal for that feeling of well being and exercising in nature!

The citizens of Maribor are enthusiastic ramblers! If you go to the bottom of Pohorje and then head uphill you can see this for yourself! There in the green lungs of Maribor the Mariborians like to recharge their batteries! At the same time they like to admire adrenaline enthusiasts, who test themselves on the altitude or cycling polygons. In the winter ramblers like to swap their walking sticks for ski poles, as Mariborsko Pohorje – is the largest ski centre in Slovenia! Their zeal for skiing can be felt also as a spectator of the traditional competition for the Golden Fox World Cup in alpine skiing. At least such is their love for football! At the football stadium the fervour of the fans, wearing their Maribor club’s purple and yellow colours, will certainly get you up and on your feet! With excellent sporting facilities and a pleasant environment they also enthuse a number of sports teams in training camps. Even on the wine-growing hills you will see them rambling, especially cycling but, hand on heart, they do like to make a stop at one of the hospitable wine shops. They know exactly how to combine the pleasant with the beneficial! You are also invited to play golf, go horseback riding and to participate in river, air and indoor sports. You will also score if your sport is shopping!