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About Maribor and Tourist Destination

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Dear website visitor, hello and welcome! Or ZDRAVO, as we say in Slovene!

Maribor is nowadays firmly positioned on the tourist map of the world as:

  • the European Capital of Culture 2012;
  • one of the TOP 10 tourist destinations in the world in the opinion of various media in the past few years;
  • the centre of one of the fastest growing destinations in Slovenia;
  • the city of the oldest vine in the world, attracting many visitors from all over the world to the Old Vine House.

Maribor is wonderfully nestled in the embrace of the green Pohorje Mountains on one side and the picturesque wine-growing hills on the other. The city is located by the Drava River and in its centre grows the oldest – over 450 years old – vine in the world. Can you imagine this? This is definitely the most important wine-growing area in Slovenia. The beautiful plant of respectable age is certainly one of the many reasons why the Maribor – Pohorje, Slovenian Styria destination is worth a visit. All the wonderful features contribute to the well-being of local people and we sincerely believe that you will also feel great here.

Feel free to browse our website, contact us for further information and visit us as soon as possible. We look forward to greeting and welcoming you in person, not just through electronic media. :-)

Best regards,
Maribor - Pohorje Tourist Board Team and other tourism providers that want to host you as well as local people who cannot wait to chat with you. Colour your day as you want!