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Wakepark Dooplek

Title: Wakepark Dooplek
Address: Zgornji Duplek 31 2241 Spodnji Duplek
Working hours: Season opening 2019: April
Phone: +386 (0)5 13 31 957
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The first Slovenian "full-size wakepark" - a sports centre for surfing and water-skiing.

You can find us in Duplek, only 10 minutes from Maribor.

  • Rixen cable car? YES!
  • Do we have Unit facilities? We do!
  • Bar? Of course! It's called the Lake Bar!
  • Something to eat? Of course, at Gud Street Fud!  

We also have a crazy good atmosphere that makes you think that you really are on the beach! "When everything is just like it should be ..." ... there is Wakepark Dooplek!  

Are you already familiar with wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding or surfing on the water is a wet and wild cousin of surfing. Skating, snowboarding and water skiing! It is the fastest growing water sport in the world!

Haven’t tried Wakeboarding yet? Come and try! No reservation is required, just check our opening hours before arrival.

All beginners are invited - a beginner's course is prepared just for you.

You couldn't do it the first time and you would like to improve faster?  Sign up for one of the courses! Wakeboarding is an excellent source of adrenaline and fun – it is surely your sport this summer!

News in the 2019 season!!

  • raised terrace with a cafe
  • sports store OLLIE SHOP
  • water games
  • Motor Park