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Adrenaline slide run PohorJET

Title: Enjoyment Pohorje
Address: Pohorska ulica 60, 2000 Maribor
Working hours: 6-7th October 2018: 11.00-18.00, 13-14th October 2018: 11.00-18.00; From 15th October 2018: closed
Phone: +386 (0)31 708 460
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Easy ride up, wild run down. Fun for the whole family.

Sharp bends, daring downhill runs in unexpected chasms and fast flat parts!

It is obvious at first glance that the terrain does not permit slow and relaxed rides, however speed with the help of brakes can be adjusted to personal capabilities and wishes. Safety is appropriately provided for.

The PohorJET track runs from the glade Trikotna jasa down to the winning post in the Snow stadium area. The chairlift Radvanje takes you to the starting point at Trikotna jasa, which offers a beautiful view of Maribor. The price of the chairlift is included in the PohorJET package.

Family fun. Even before 7 years.

Yes, young children can ride as well. There is enough space to take your little in front of you and you are both securely belted.

(from 7 ‘till 14 years)

  • 1 ride: 5.00 EUR
  • 3 rides: 10.00 EUR
  • 5 rides: 15.00 EUR


  • 1 ride: 7.00 EUR
  • 3 rides: 14.00 EUR
  • 5 rides: 20.00 EUR

Adult with kid

  • (‘till 7 years)
  • 1 ride: 9.00 EUR
  • 3 rides: 16.00 EUR
  • 5 rides: 22.00 EUR

Every Tuesday you pay 1 ride and get 2.