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Bistro Arty

Title: Bistro Arty
Address: Slovenska ulica 20, 2000 Maribor
Working hours: Monday - Friday: 7.00 - 16.00; Saturday-Sunday: closed or by prior arrangement
Phone: +386 (0)40 176 841
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Arty’s main offer is traditional food of natural and fresh products that are all prepared individually in the cuisine, as well as desserts.
House rule has a powerful meaning and is known as being A BIT DIFFERENT and CREATIVE!

Delicious homemade lunches and snacks at Arty

Bistro Arty offers lunches and snacks for which the basis are variously prepared rice and pasta, cereals, potatoes, salads and all topped with thoughtful vegetable sauces and spices. Selections are made to suit all guests, even vegetarians and vegans. In accordance to the season Bistro’s menu is always added with seasonal products like asparagus, dandelion flowers, muscat pumpkins, chayotes, grapes, wild garlic, nettle, …
Small restaurant always offer selective daily menus, a week menu and some permanent dishes to assure only fresh ingredients and fantastic flavors!

Lasagne, pies, stuffed rolls, souffle, juicy sauces…

What do you think about vegetable souffle with bulgur and hokkaido sauce or filled pumpkins with red lentil and salty cheese? Very special are as well edible mushrooms in vegetable bulgur. What about dumplings and tastfully added vegetable or meat sauce, or pancakes in vegetable or meat layer dip casserole? Are you more favourable with eggplant souffle and bulgur sauce? Bistro also gives opportunity to taste traditional roasted potatoe with vegetable and well-know cereals’ tris with vegetable or meat. You can also try cottage cheese rolled dumplings. Our guests are fond on spelt lasagne with edible mushrooms or fish or bolognese version, ...

Have you tasted Arty’s homemade soup?

Delicious grandma vegetable creamy soup, creamy beta soup, minestrone soup or creamy herbal soup? Arty is known as well of young garlic soup, gratinated onion soup or more exotic ones as creamy pea soup with coconut, carrot soup with ginger and orange, cold fruit soup or refreshing fennel soup. Soups are mostly gluten and lactose free.

All desserts are well prepared by Arty!

Blueberry, strawberry, mixed cakes or also chocolate cake are made by the seasonal inspiration and cook’s creativity. What can be also found in our selection are homemade raw cake, unforgettable Over-Mura moving cake, Panna cotta with different fruits, various pies, pancakes, ...
Arty is known as cosy and friendly
21 chairs are available in Bistro and some more in nice vivid street garden.

Bistro Arty in media

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