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History reflection in modern architecture

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It seems like mornings at Titova street are simmilar to other city entrances. Slower or faster, well rested or tired, people rush to work. But details in architecture reveal that city managed to set an interesting stage for this. Keeping some important sights of cultural heritage and combine them with demands of modern times.

At the right side walls of prisons emerge. Bellow them memory plates from 2nd world war. 20th century history. While on the left side Maribor exposes modern architecture. Glass and steel buildings that open slight views to the old city centre. Franciscan church with 2 high towers emerging above all surrounding area.

Franciscan church raising above the surroungings

A walk around the modern buildings is inspiring by itself. Step by step, glass reveals history and frames it into segments of modern life. It is lovely to wake up and have a walk around Maribor. And perhaps, sit down for a cup of coffee at this stage. :)

Reflection of the church in modern architecture

Dušan Vrban