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World Oldest Vine is safe now

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Guarded by klopotec, grapes of the world oldest vine are safe from birds.

More than a construction

Sometimes when we walk around and see a wooden mill, it seems just like a construction. Obviously someone took time to design and build it. What we miss is that this may actually have completly another purpose. And it was not just put there.

Oldest Vine house is always nice to visit

People gathered, sang a song and had a traditional ceremony of raising klopotec. Even the mayor had to attend one of the most important moments that announces the Old Vine festival.


View over Lent where Oldest Vine is raised

This wooden mill that is set just in front of Oldest Vine in the world has a specific purpose. As it spins in the wind it produces loud noise that is intended for scaring the birds. By this it is guarding the tasty grapes on the vine. For centuries it is used in the wineyards around Slovenia, Austria and Croatia.

Visitors entering Oldest Vine house

So when you travel the wine roads around here, make sure you listen well. Because you can be sure that if you travel in the direction of the sound of klopotec, you will arrive to a place with amazing wine cellar and best wines of the world.

Dušan Vrban

Klopotec on the hills around Maribor in the evening

(this fantastic photo is by Domen Groegl)