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Exhibition: Drava Pixies

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The oldest vine in the world draws its water from the Drava River, where magical water pixies live. Do they take care of the vine?

A legend?

Some people swear that the Drava pixies still live in their water kingdom. Sometimes they playfully swim to the surface of the river and curiously look at their surroundings. They laugh while they sunbathe on the rock of Janez Nepomuk, the patron saint of rafters, and comb small crabs and fish from their lush hair. Their beautiful songs are in harmony with the trickling water and the murmur of the wind in the trees.

Find out about the pixies at the exhibition in Old Vine House (Hiša stare trte)

You can find out all about the Drava pixies in the Old Vine House between 8 August and 15 September 2014. During that time, there will be an exhibition of pictures and materials that testify to their existence. Maybe they will show themselves when you enjoy a glass of one of the best wines in the world. Legend has it that the Drava pixies enjoy pinot gris the most, from the neighbouring vineyards. :)

The exhibition opens on 8 August 2014

One of the best opportunities to catch a glimpse of the Drava pixies will surely be at the opening of the exhibition when we will prepare an interesting cultural program for you. Will it be enriched with Drava pixie wine? Come and find out!

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