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Festival Maribor

Title: Festival Maribor
Address: Ulica kneza Koclja 9, 2000 Maribor
End: 2019-09-19
Phone: +386 (0)2 229 40 11, +386 (0)2 229 40 50, +386 (0)40 744 122, +386 (0)31 479 000
Length: 10-19 September 2019
Event start: 2019-09-10
Location: Maribor
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Festival Maribor
10-19 September 2019

The Maribor Festival in the epicentre of European musical creation.

The origin of the Maribor Festival is dated back to 1964, and it voyaged from its Baroque beginnings to postmodern transformations. It developed from an international festival of chamber music Music September and inherited its refined programming, state of the art performance standards and unorthodox approach to organisation. Held each year in the beginning of September it assembles numerous Slovenian and foreign musicians.

The programme is created in collaboration with both domestic and foreign co-producers and musicians and it consists mainly of chamber music and symphonic works. Even though the festival endured many transformations, it tries to preserve two main inspirations: the festival’s theme which guides the programme selection and the concept of chamber or orchestral ensembles. During pre-production, some of the ensembles participate in a kind of music laboratory, where musicians can collaborate and prepare a concert line-up presented only during the festival. Top musicians – soloists thus benefit from harmonizing their creative energies as well as the audience, invited to enjoy the unique concerts. 

Another prominent feature of the Maribor Festival are beautiful venues, engulfed by history and charm. Union Hall, deeply appreciated because of its beautiful Secession style and acoustics, Kazina Hall at the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Vetrinj Mansion and the Minorite Church, dazzling the audience with its more than 700 years old ambient.

More information is available here: Festival Maribor