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From Bolfenk along the ridge to the botanical garden

Title: Tourist Information Centre
Address: Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 (0)2 234 66 11
Fax: +386 (0)2 234 66 13
Length: 3 hours
Demandness: easy
Length: 9 km
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A short hike along the beginning part of the Slovenska planinska pot (Slovenian Mountain Path) with an end celebration in the company flowers from all over the world.

Access and starting point

We drive with the city bus no. 6 from the bottom stop of the Pohorje cable railway, or by car to Zgornje Radvanje to the parking lot at the aforementioned bottom stop. We ascend Bolfenk with the chairlift.


From the upper stop of the Pohorje cable railway, we first take a 15-minute stroll to the Mariborski razglednik panoramic point. We come back the same way to the Bellevue Hotel and continue along the beginning part of Slovenska planinska pot, yet descend the Pohorje to the road sing about the prehistoric PoŇ°tela fort. We then leave the marked path and go across the road to the macadam, and then left at the road fork. Among the vineyards and orchards, we descend to the road, where we turn right and go past the end station of bus no. 11 by the road, which is a kilometer away from the entrance to the botanical garden, situated by the road. After the visit to the garden, we return to Razvanje and take the no. 11 bus to Maribor to the end station Kolodvor in the city centre.

Total ascent: 100 m