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Travel to Maribor, Slovenia

Travel to Maribor

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia, and is also the economic, cultural, scientific reserach, convention and complete tourist centre of northeast Slovenia. Maribor is likewise a traffic centre as it lies on the crossroads from west to east and southern Europe, and is just 11 km from the Austrian border.

It is situated in continental Europe at a position 275 metres above sea level between Pohorje, Slovenske gorice and Kozjak on the gravel terrace of the Drava valley.  More simply said it lies in the embrace of green Pohorje and wine growing slopes beside the river Drava.

Travel to Slovenia

Slovenia is a central European country, bordered by Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy. Its 20,256 km2 places it among the smaller countries of the world, positioned at 150th place among 190 countries.

A good half of the country is overgrown with forests, which places Slovenia along with Finland and Sweden at the top of European countries. Its position between the Alps, Pannonian lowlands, Dinaric Mountains and Mediterranean creates a perse landscape paving the way for adventure in the mountains, lowlands and sea all within just a matter of hours. Our coastline also suits the small size of the country; we have only 46 km,  consequently just a tiny spot for each of the two million Slovenes  but it is with great pleasure that we share it with visitors!

Slovenia also represents a central point for Romasque, Germanic, Finno-Ugric and Slav languages. It is not by chance that the linguists in our territory discovered more than 40 dialects and different cultures. Slovenia's rich persity welcomes you to a country of adventure and wonderful experiences!