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Lakes Lovrenška jezera

Title: Tourist Information Centre
Address: Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 (0)2 23 46 611
Fax: +386 (0)2 23 46 613
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The peat moor with its small lakes is one of the most attractive natural sights on Pohorje!

The largest moor on Pohorje is the Lovrenška moor (or Lovrenška lakes) lies on the ridge of Planika at the source of the Pohorje streams Radoljna, Mislinja and Velka. The moor is made up of larger and smaller lakes; altogether there are 20 lakes. 

Access to Lovrenška moor from Maribor is possible along the Drava valley to Lovrenc na Pohorju and from there on to the lodge Koča na Pesku. For two hours you can walk over the peat moor's velvet soft grass and mosses, and can visit the peat lakes, the habitats of rare plants and try the school for orientation in nature; from here you will have outstanding views!

The lakes Lovrenška jezera are also interesting in the wintertime when, on langlauf skies or cross-country skies, you can take a closer look. Skies can be hired, and no earlier knowledge is required to be able to use them. The basic movements can be learnt during your trip as you go along.