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Maribor – Big Picture

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Maribor is:

  • the second largest Slovenian city, nestled by the Drava River in the embrace of the green Pohorje forests and picturesque wine-growing hills;
  • heart of the Maribor - Pohorje, a Slovenian Styria tourist destination;
  • the city of the oldest vine in the world: The Old Vine House, rich wine culture and excellent cuisine – modern culinary delights and traditional Styrian dishes in the city and along the wine roads;
  • the city of outdoor activities and relaxation: for hikers, cyclists, walkers, adrenaline freaks, skiers, rowers, golfers, well-being lovers;
  • the city of adventures: a traditional raft and modern Dravska Vila boat, train, carriage and cable car, “Hunting Grapes and Cups” guided tour, themed trails, adventures and packages;
  • a green, healthy and friendly city: lots of sun and green nature, healthy drinking water, a peaceful and cheerful lifestyle, open, welcoming and relaxed local people, green, homemade, organic...

However, Maribor could not be what it is without its wonderful surroundings of the entire Maribor - Pohorje, Slovenian Styria destination. Maribor itself is a charming small city and the destination is also not such a wide one in spite of its diversity. This practically means that the access from one attraction or adventure to another is very quick and easy.

Perfect for a break from the crazy world, allowing you to relax and find joy in yourself!
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