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Maribor's atmosphere

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Mariborians are happy people, happy Štajerci.

And why are we? The capital of Štajerska is one of the sunniest places in Slovenia! As the second largest Slovene city it offers all that its citizens need. The green surroundings give the opportunity for a quick hop to the top of Pohorje on the one side and wine growing hills on the other, or one can roam down by the River Drava, which wends its way through the city. This small city, embraced by rural surroundings, certainly contributes to making you feeling well.

If you would like to get to know active ramblers from Maribor then head to the bottom of Pohorje, then uphill to at least the spot known as Trikotne jase (the Triangled clearing), with the most persevering going all the way to the top, where Mariborians like to recharge their batteries in the green lungs of Maribor. In the winter we like to change our walking stick for ski sticks.

You can also see us rambling over the wine growing hills; these rise, so to speak, from the centre of the city where we also have the oldest vine in the world, the symbol of our wine culture. Perhaps this is the reason we like to drink wine. And if in a pub you pay a round - then we will really take great pleasure in showing you the secrets of Maribor. We love Mariborčan, our wine. And we also love beer - if you want to please us then just mention that there is no beer like Laško beer, and that it can't possibly be compared with Ljubljana's Union beer! Ah, that "fighting" between Ljubljana and Maribor is already so historical. Also in football! If you meet a crowd of people wrapped in violet coloured ribbons and scarves don't think it is our latest fashion! Those are loyal football fans! For sure the crowd of enthusiasts at the football stadium will bring you to your feet to cheer along with them, even though you aren't the biggest of football fans.

Such are we "those Mariborians"! During the last decade we have become even more persistent, as we had to replace our once strong industry with new activities. Numerous Mariborians, who achieved exceptional achievements, also world fame, are proof that there is great hidden potential in us, which try to use to our advantage. Will power and also self-will are not lacking! - Maybe you heard that in Maribor the Golden Fox World Cup, a competition in skiing was prepared despite a calamitous thaw? And this is what we are renowned for - what we desire we also achieve!

Now we have decided to invite you to visit us to get to know our happy nature for yourself! And as you know, we have a lot of good will! We like to enjoy new experiences, we like to meet and make merry, at different events as well as on ordinary days. And we like to have guests in our company too! Join us, surrender to Maribor's embrace of experiences!