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Maribor wine-tourist road

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The road begins at the Guinness’s Old Vine on Lent and at the famous Vinag wine cellar and leads over Kamnica with St Urban, Kalvarija, Mestni vrh, Piramida, Meljski hrib, Vodole, Malečnik and Celestrina all the way to Nebova. A part of the Maribor wine-tourist road also reaches the eastern fringes of the Slovenske gorice hills, all the way to the region of panoramic Korena and Vurberk, which look out over the river Drava and the plain of Dravsko polje below. Characteristic for the vineyards and cellars along this road is high quality and excellent white wines.  Laški Riesling prevails, but also typical are Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Rulandec, Green Silvaner and Muscatel.