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Mima Jaušovec

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Tennis park in Ljudski vrt has so far achieved close to 100 champions titles, may it be in the old Yugoslav kingdom, former Yugoslavia, or our homeland Slovenia after 1991. Mima Jaušovec has won no less than 26 titles, from juniors to professionals between 1967 and 1976 in singles and pairs. The victories on the home court were just a beginning for Mima and they launched her into the world of great champions. Mima Jaušovec was applauded as a winner in many world tennis centres - Paris, Wimbledon, Rome, Hamburg, Toronto, amateur European championship in Pšerovo, European championship in Maribor where everybody expected a single's trophy but she won pairs with a Bolgarian Pompolov. Prior to that she was the first European to win the junior's Orange Bowl in Florida, European junior championship in Berlin, and last but not least - she won both junior Roland Garros and junior Wimbledon! This incredibly interesting tennis path started shaping in the hatching place of champions. Between her first tournament in Ljudski vrt in Maribor in 1967 and her last one in Brussels in 1986 Mima Jaušovec has travelled over the Equator a few hundred times, seen all the continents and played brilliantly around the world.