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We will store your personal data only for the period of mutual communication and delete them within 3 months of the last message. For more information read our Privacy Policy. I consent

Privacy Policy

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We are doing everything to maximize protection of your personal data.

Many digital communications we have developed over the past decades have included tools that could interfere with your privacy. To prevent this, the Maribor - Pohorje Tourist Board initiated important measures designed to limit these tools and enable you to choose what you accept and what you do not. website: no cookies for personal identification

We do not use cookies or other methods to discover your personal identification on our website. We automatically collect only general usage data that cannot be linked to you, your browser, or the device you use to access to our website:

  • opening the website and ending the download in the browser,
  • a link that is opened,
  • click on buttons (liking, menu, search, share, fill in forms),
  • active time on the page,
  • window size,
  • closing the page,
  • source (if you've opened a website with a link from our ads or e-mail).

We store data in a database on a rented secured server, and we only use the data to determine the performance of individual communication channels we use to achieve goals that are important to us.

If, during your visit to our website, cookies of third parties get installed (Google, Facebook, etc.), this is possible for the following reasons:

  • you visited our site before May 25th, 2018 and the browser saved the cookies for the time that was then defined in the script (usually for 2 years from the visit)

In this case, we recommend that you delete your browser history to ensure security in a wider context, since you will delete cookies in other places that can follow you, too.

  •  the content page contains a third-party site (YouTube, social networking sites) that installs cookies

In this case, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on the website. Most of our pages have a configured script that should prevent the uploading of such frames without your special consent.

List for online newsletters

If you subscribe to the online newsletter (articles) through forms on our website, only your e-mail is required. When logging in, information is stored in:

  • MailChimp database that ensures system operation
  • our server database, where we keep the addresses in case of errors in the operation of the MailChimp system

After registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Unless entry into the subscriber list of recipients is confirmed, the entry is deleted from the MailChimp database. It remains in our database to verify against any abuses of your address in the future.

You can unsubscribe from MailChimp when you receive any of the messages with a visible and exposed link to unsubscribe.

If you want to be deleted from our database, you can send us your request in any way and we will do so within 2 business days.

Business partner database

We store information about your business and contact information in our mailing lists in programs for electronic communications (MS Outlook) and a common base of contacts in Google Cloud. We only store business contact information for communication and collaboration purposes.

If you want to be deleted from our database, you can forward us your request in any way and we will do so within 2 business days.

Personal Address Book

We use Microsoft Outlook for email and contacts. Your contact information for cooperation is stored in the addresses of this program of individual employees and synchronized with the shared address book stored in Google Contacts.

If you want to be deleted from our database, you can forward us your request in any way and we will do so within 2 business days.

Contact person

In the event of perceived problems or issues, Monika Jurišič Hlevnjak oversees the storage and protection of your personal information. You can reach her at the telephone number +386 (0) 2 234 66 21.