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Over Pohorje to Koroška

Title: Tourist Information Centre
Address: Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 (0)2 234 66 11
Fax: +386 (0)2 234 66 13
Length: 2 days
Demandness: intermediate
Length: 60,5 km
From Maribor to Slovenj Gradec along Slovenska planinska pot (the Slovenian Mountain Path) Route on Google Earth.

Access and starting point

Take city bus no. 6 from the main bus station to Zgornje Radvanje to the end stop. After that we take the Cable car to the top of the hill (1040 m).


In the company of the marks of Slovenska planinska pot (Slovenian Mountain Path), which is marked by number one by the usual path signs, we go past the Church of St. Bolfenk to panoramic Mariborski razglednik (1147 m), and then to Areh. Over Žigartov vrh (1346), we come to Bajgot, from where we ascend under Klopni vrh and continue towards Rogla (1517 m), where we can enjoy the view of wide forested area from its broad top or the panoramic tower. We continue our hike past the picturesque lakes Lovrenška jezera, over Ribiški vrh (1537 m) in Črni vrh (1543 m) to Velika Kopa (1542 m) and Mala Kopa (1524 m). We descend into Slovenj Gradec over Kremžarjev vrh (1164 m).

Pohorje path timeline:

Pohorska  vzpenjača lower station (328 m) – St. Bolfenk (1040 m) = 1,5 h (without the chairlift) 
St. Bolfenk (1040 m) - Mariborska koča lodge (1068 m) = 1 h 
Mariborska koča lodge (1068 m) - Ruška koča lodge (1246 m) = 1 h 
Ruška koča lodge (1246 m) – Šumik waterfall = 2 h 
Šumik waterfall –Trije kralji (1181 m) = 2 h 
Trije kralji (1181 m) – Črno jezero lake (1197 m) – Osankarica (1193 m) = 1 h 15 min 
Dom na Osankarici (1193 m) – Koča na Pesku lodge (1386 m) = 2,5 h 
Koča na Pesku lodge (1386 m) - Lovrenška jezera lakes (1529 m) - Ribniška koča lodge(1507 m) = 3 h 
Ribniška koča lodge(1507 m) - Grmovšek lodge under Velika Kopa (1377 m) = 1,5 h 
Grmovšek lodge under Velika Kopa (1377 m) - Partizan lodge  (1443 m) = 1 h 
Partizan lodge(1443 m) - Lodge under Kremžar vrh (1102 m) = 1,5 h 
Lodge under Kremžar vrh(1102 m) – Slovenj Gradec (410 m) = 1,5 h