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“Pležuhi” competition

Title: Enjoyment Pohorje
Address: Pohorska 60, 2000 Maribor
Working hours: Advanced bookings
Phone: +386 (0)2 292 77 02, +386 (0)31 708 460
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“Pležuh” comes from Drava valley hills. More than 200 years ago, pležuh was the one and only winter transportation, which was used for fun in the snow, ride to the valley and other errands.

First pležuhs were made of curved board of obsolete barrel, which is fastened with two uprights (chokes) connected with a splint, which served as the seat (zitz), connected with a joystick (rido). Later, pležuh received more modern look, as they adapt to higher speeds and obsolete ski is used instead of a barrel board. In 2011, the championship Red Bull pležuhi 4cross was held, registered with 124 contestants.

In our animation guided race we prepare an interesting, entertaining, parallel competition with pležuhs, time or score.
After a few descents of professionally guided competition and excellent winter fun you can refresh yourself with a blueberry.
Competition with pležuhs can be carried out day and night in the enlightened route.

Price: 15,00 €/person
Minimum number of participants: 10