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Podpohorska wine-tourist road

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Meranovo and Archduke Johann – symbols of the excellent tourist wine road, which wends its way over the sunny hillsides of Pohorje, between Ruše and Slovenski Konjice  and leads you into the heart of Limbuš – Pekre hills along its northern side and all the way to Dravinjske gorice on the south side. Especially characteristic for these vineyard positions are the sorts Rhine and Laški Reisling, Sauvignon, Traminec, Muscatel and Silvaner.
The Old Vine House
Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Meranovo
Excursion Eco-Farm Uranjek - Pri baronu
Tourist farm with accommodation Angelca Štern - Pri Kovačniku
Tourist farm Ramšak - with accommodation
Tourist farm Urška - with accommodation
Farm Hecl
Wine grower Vladko Frešer
Wine grower Zorjan
Excursion Farm Ravničan
Excursion Farm Šafarič
Tourist Farm Arbajter - with accommodation
Tourist Farm Arzenšek - with accommodation
Tourist Farm Gričnik - with accommodation
Tourist Farm Kovše-Kočnik - with accommodation
Tourist Farm Pačnik - with accommodation
Excursion Farm Marguč
Excursion Farm Ančka
Excursion farm Gačnikov hram
Excursion farm Janžič
Excursion Farm Krošlovi
Excursion Farm Kukovič
Excursion Farm Ledinek
Excursion farm Lopan
Excursion Farm Mikuž
Excursion Farm Ortan
Tourist farm Debelak homestead
Wine grower and wine shop Dušan Jaunik
Winery Cugmas
Winery Kropec
Winery Šega
Wine grower Skuber
Cellarman’s trade Kalšek with own wine cellar
Wine grower Potočnik
Wine grower Alojz Hojnik
Wine grower Andreja Špes Drozg
Wine grower Bogatič
Winery Šfiligoj-Kočevar
Wine grower Golčer Franc-Žužej
Wine grower Gregorič
Wine grower Marin Jure
Wine grower and fruit grower Brglez-Šparovec
Wine grower and fruit grower Sadek
Wine grower Jevšenak Ignac
Wine grower Marijan Škorjanc
Wine grower Matej Hojnik
Wine grower Milan Kocutar
Excursion Farm Papež
Wine grower Pečovnik
Wine grower Peter Kramer
Wine grower Pokrivač Tomislav-Jakl
Wine grower Videčnik Vlado
Wine grower Zafošnik Gorazd-Peter