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Recenjak bike route

Title: Cycling club Lovrenc na Pohorju
Address: Srparska pot 27, 2344 Lovrenc na Pohorju
Phone: +386 (0)2 671 95 47, +386 (0)5 993 01 25
Starting point: Tourist office Lovrenc na Pohorju
Demandness: easy
Length: 17,5 km

The route begins with a mild ascent past the parish Church of St Lawrence and the cemetery; you’ll soon find yourself ascending through a forest, keeping to the main road to Pesek the whole time. After an ascent of several kilometres that isn’t too taxing, turn off to the right in the direction of the Dešnik farm and then take on the ascent to the Gnec farm, which isn’t too long, but can be steep at places. At the farm the incline levels out. As you ride along the level road, you’ll be treated to beautiful views of the west part of Kobansko. After several kilometres, you’ll arrive at the Urbanc farm. From there, descend past the Kolman farm to the intersection at Hrastnikov Vrh, where you’ll head right and descend into the valley of the Slepnica. The entire descent is quite fast as the road is neatly paved; the road is also very narrow, so caution is advised. In the valley, turn right at the designated intersection and head towards Lovrenc. To get the most out of your workout, take on the Vuhred incline, then pass through the square on your way back to the start.

Map: Free PDF Download of Cycling map Pohorje.

Recenjak bike route on Google Earth.