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Gostilna Šiker

Title: Gostilna Šiker
Address: Močna 7, 2231 Pernica
Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 11.00-22.00; Sunday and holidays: 11.00-19.00
Phone: + 386 (0)2 72 06 921
Fax: + 386 (0)2 72 06 921
Seats: 110, garden 60
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This renowned restaurant with its yearlong family tradition (1870) on the main road Maribor-Lenart boasts a traditional Slovene cuisine.

Local dishes

We offer typical local seasonal dishes, such as venison and fresh water fish, mushroom soup with buckwheat mush, veal stew, stuffed breast of veal, roasted duck with mlinci, pork medallions with boletus mushrooms and buckwheat mush…, for dessert there are seasonal strudels, Slovenske gorice gibanica – a special cheesecake with tarragon… and the house speciality for dessert is charlotta! Homemade vegetable rolls and tarragon dumplings will delight vegetarians, and gourmets our Slow food. Our restaurant is particularly lively during St Martin's Day celebrations and for Valentine’s Day.

We are a children friendly restaurant with playthings outside and a view of the lake Pristava jezero (fishermen's heaven). Go for a walk to Lenart, Hrastovec castle, Svete Trojice or to the ultra light aircraft runway.

Wine cellar

In our culinary and wine sanctuary also belongs our over 200-year-old wine cellar where we arrange wine tasting and house a carefully organised rural museum.