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Restaurant Week

End: 2017-10-22
Phone: +386 (0)41 931 669
Event start: 2017-10-13
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Restaurant Week:
Top Restaurants for Top Price

13-22 October 2017
Menu price: 17,00 EUR

If you want to eat in top restaurants, you know you will pay a high price for your meal. But not anymore.
In May 2012 for the first time in Slovenia, 12 restaurants in Maribor offered meals for 12 €. For a reasonable price people were able to eat in fancy restaurants and taste new food prepared by the most known chefs in Slovenia.

Since 2012 the culinary project went nation-wide and now twice a year (spring and autumn) top restaurants all over Slovenia give local foodies and interested visitors the chance to taste Slovene cuisine at its finest without doing major damage to their wallet. 

Extensive details of the restaurants can be found on the official website (Slovene language only for now), and it's highly recommendable to make reservations in advance!

Visit the Restaurant Week in the Slovenian Styria region: