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Ribniško Pohorje

Address: Ribnica na Pohorju 24, 2364 Ribnica na Pohorju
Phone: +386 (0)2 87 65 300, +386 (0) 31 782 908
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Ski slope Ribnica na Pohorju

Ribnisko Pohorje with its ski and cross-country slides on Ribnica na Pohorju has a
long-lasting skiing tradition.
Ribnisko Pohorje is a well-recognized family ski resort. Ski resort lies at the altitude
between 721 and 921 meters, over the traditional village Ribnica na Pohorju.
It is especially friendly for the beginners because of its two ski straps, a snow polygon,
and a toboggan run with a ski lift. Ribnica na Pohorju attracts numerous groups of
children each year, and they learn their first ski turns here.
The ski resort has 2.2 kilometers of regulated and diverse skiing slopes. The steepest
and the most demanding black slopes where many FIS competitions were held, red,
and blue ski slopes.
They also regulate snowing up the ski slopes, and you can also enjoy the night
skiing every day until 9:00 p.m
In 1937, Ribnica na Pohorju organized the first slalom competition, a few years later also
a cross-country skiing and ski jumping National Championship.
In the 60's, they also organized Youth Championship Cup for Alpine countries, where
Jean-Claude Killy, the world legend in alpine skiing, scored the third place.

Ski school

Skiing is the best way to experience the winter idyll. It is one of the best recreational
activities, used by the youngest and older adults.


We have carefully chosen our ski instructors for the unforgettable first turns and
professional approach on the slopes. We have sports educators and former
contesters. All instructors have a valid national license for Alpine skiing teaching.
We are a young team of ski lovers. We wish to pass on our ski knowledge and
experiences in a fun but professional way to all who want to make their first
decent down the white slopes.
We specialize in skiing for beginners and snowboarding for all generations.
We also welcome all who wish to improve or upgrade their skiing abilities.

SKI Holidays 5=7

In case of booking 7 nights, we give you 2 nights FREE!
We prepared special offer for you, now you can ski with ONE SKI PASS ON THE TWO SKI SLOPES!
With three or more days’ ski pass you can ski on ski slope Ribnica na Pohorju and on ski slope Kope.
Apartment for 8 guests,
7 nights - Instead of 735,00 € ONLY 525,00 €
Apartment for 5 guests,
7 nights - Instead of 595,00 € ONLY 425,00 €


Family SKI weekend - every playfull weekend in a family friendly resort Ribnisko Pohorje.
The family package includes a ski pass for the whole family. Ski pass is valid from Friday 14.00 to Sunday 16:00 on the ski slope Ribnica on Pohorje and Kope…
The four – member family of two of four – member families, are staying in a top furnished apartment for 5 or 8 people.

Apartment:            Numb. of guests adults/children:      Prices (accommodation+ski pass):

Apartment  2-5                       2/2                                                 329,00 €
Apartment  6-10                     4/4                                                 488,00 €