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Rocks of Pohorje

Title: Tourist Information Centre
Address: Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000 Maribor
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Pohorje - the only silicate mountain chain in Slovenia!

From a geological standpoint Pohorje is of special significance because it is the only silicate mountain chain among Slovenia's mountains. The periphery of Pohorje is formed from Palaeozoic metamorphic strata; the central part is from magmatic rock, above all tonalite and dacite.

Along with a unique rock also orientation and cultural sights

Near the village of Cezlak above Oplotnica is the only known deposit of chislakite in the world and still today the remains of a quarry that was already known in Roman times can be seen. The quarry is accessible from Maribor in the direction of Slovenska Bistrica to Osankarica, followed by a thirty-minute walk. On the way be watchful of the fauna, flora and rocks. Such a walk is consequently also good for learning orientation. On your return trip visit the cultural sights.

Get to know Pohorje's white marble!

On the southern part of Pohorje quarries for obtaining white marble can be seen. Among them the oldest and best known is the Roman quarry, which is located in the Bistrica Gorge. Pohorje's white marble was already known and used in Roman times; numerous Roman headstones are built into the church of St Martin's in Šmartno na Pohorju. The Triassic limestone strata are of naturalistic importance as isolated karst and habitat of the calcicole plants and animals.