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Rotovški Trg square

Title: Tourist Information Centre Maribor
Address: Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 (0)2 23 46 611
Fax: +386 (0)2 23 46 613
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To reach the square Rotovški trg go through the Town Hall portal and passageway. It is surrounded by the Maribor library Mariborska knjižnica, puppet theatre and restaurant Toti Rotovž. In this square you can admire beautifully dressed couples on their way to make their marriage vows, take your children the magical world of puppets or sit in the shade of the restaurant's garden. 

Rotovški trg throughout the centuries

The former Rotovški courtyard with stables on the spot where now stands a modern building of the city administration, was also a market place wherefarmers sold flour and hay. For that reason the square in the 16th century was known as Rathaushof (Rotovški courtyard), later it is mentioned as Mehlplatz (Flour market).

In the year 1876 it was renamed Rathausplatz (Rotovški trg -Town hall Square), in the 1515 the town hall, boasting a wonderful balcony, was built here. The balcony is decorated with relief on which there is the town's coat-of-arms, decorated on each side there is a rampant lion and the date 1565. The courtyard side is surrounded with arcaded passageways.

If we take a look at the darker side of history, we find that the courtyard in former times on special occasions served also as a killing ground. In the 18th century they organised here a kind of bullring, single combat fights with bulls for the purposes of entertainment and partly for competitions.