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St. Areh

Title: Parish office St. Martin on Pohorje
Address: Šmartno na Pohorju 11, 2315 Šmartno na Pohorju
Phone: +386 (0)31 280 281 (Dejan Frangež, župnik)
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The church stands at 1249 m above sea level, in a clearing in the middle of Pohorje's green forests. History says that the church on Areh already stood there at the end of the 15th century.

The biggest monument in the church is the stone tomb of St Henry. It is a relief marble slab, which shows the duke in a lying position with a crown on his head, and dressed in well fitting clothes with a sword in his hand. The slab was brought to this church from the tomb chapel in the monastery of Carthusian monks in Žiče. Among the present church fittings it is worth looking at the main altar, the work Jožef Štraub and the side altar of St Ann.

From St Henry to St Areh

There were four churches in Slovenia dedicated to the Emperor Henry II - among the best-known paths on Pohorje is his pilgrimage path. They say that Henry's name on Pohorje was simplified to Areh.

What influence had the Šentpavel Benedictine monks?

The Benedictine monks from Šentpavel in Koroška had a great influence on places on Pohorje, as they owned estates and parishes there. During the period of the Counter Reformation these monks spread the veneration of St Henry to their lands, because he distinguished himself with his deep devotion and faithfulness to the church, and he donated a lot of land to the monks.

Fortify yourself– with good water or stew

Near the church stands a small chapel, next to which is a spring. The water coming from the spring is drinking water and word has spread that it has healing properties. In the immediate vicinity stands the lodge Ruška koča, a popular place for 'real' mountaineers as well as for Sunday trippers, who love to eat there and regain new strength to continue with their hike.