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SUP Tour Lent

Title: Turistično informacijski center Maribor
Address: Partizanska 6a, 2000 Maribor
Phone: +386 (0)2 234 66 11
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Enjoy best activity in Maribor!

Explore the meandering Drava River and Maribor’s secrets from the tranquillity of water. You will feel like one of the raftsmen from the 13th century who carried wood and goods on their raft, floating down this commercially important river. We will paddle past the charming Lent Quarter of Maribor that derives its name from the German verb meaning “to land”, after the rafts which stopped here to collect timber and wine en route to the Black Sea. You will gaze upon medieval towers, historic walls and the 450-years-old vine, a Guinness World Record holder. You’ll be touched by the little things – the things that usually slip beneath our radar in the frantic rush of everyday life. You will enter an entirely new world. If you like to stray "off the beaten path", join an active, green and fun way to explore Maribor!

Tour Program

The Bananaway SUP instructors will give you a brief introductory stand-up paddle-boarding course. They will tell you everything you need to know about safe and comfortable SUPing. This means you can join the tour even if you have no previous experience in paddle-boarding. After we will help you stand on your own two feet, we will SUP towards the three towers along the river. As we will glide past the picturesque Judgement Tower and Water Tower with their witch’s-hat red-tiled roofs, we might be haunted by the women who were judged guilty of witchcraft here. And further on looms the Jewish Tower next to the synagogue.

The SUP tour lasts two hours – just enough to give your muscles a good workout. You can leave your phone on land because we will catch the best moments and send them to you after the tour.

Beginners can start paddle-boarding in 10 minutes!

It is really easy to start! In the introductory course, you will get to know the SUP gear, paddle-boarding techniques and learn step by step how to find your balance on the board. We are using the best SUP gear on the market, so do not worry about your stability on the board!

Meeting spot

We will start the tour at the place called the “Venice of Maribor" near the Judgement Tower and a small boat “Drava Fairy” which is also conveniently converted into a floating bar.

We SUP every morning!

Date: May-Oktober: Every day upon prior reservation, hour by appointment
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 39,00 EUR, 29,00 EUR (children up to 14 years)
Required equipment: drinking water, sunscreen, comfortable clothing.
Advance notice of min. 4 persons

The SUP tour will be conducted by instructors with an international SUP license, ASI.

If you wish to join the SUP tour in Maribor but the timetable does not fit in with your travel plans, please contact us for a tour tailored to your needs.

Information and reservations