The Bentava Pond

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A Little Bit of Joy by the Side of the Road

The Bentava pond is located only about half a mile from the Transom ponds. You can find it near Bentava Castle, by the motorway in the direction of Ljubljana. Despite the vicinity of the road, the pond offers numerous beautiful experiences, which more than make up for any potentially disturbing noise!

A natural stream supplies the Bentava pond with fresh water from Pohorje throughout the whole year. This means that the water of the stream and of the pond remains cold for a long time and, as experienced fishermen will tell you, the fishing in this pond does not start until late in the spring.

Fishing is only allowed on one side of the pond (the one further away from the road), where the water is deeper and where the fish can mostly be found in the summer. An excellent fishing place is also on the small island in the middle of the pond, since fish often stay near it.

Regardless of the fishing position and technique, you can expect to catch mostly common and Prussian carp, and very few other fish. The equipment should not be too “gentle” for the Bentava pond, since its fish can reach 10 kg or more and a 0.22 mm nylon probably will not suffice.

Let us also mention that there are sufficient parking places near the pond and that there is no lack of fishing places or of shadow provided by the tall trees on the sides of the pond.