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Wine shop at the Old Vine House

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A true treasure trove of wines from the Maribor

The Old Vine House holds a true treasure trove of wines from the Maribor Winegrowing District. It represents about 40 different local wine producers who have contributed to the collection more than 100 different labels of wine.

The collection houses mostly fresh white wines. This is the type of wine that is most prevalent in the Maribor district. But you can also choose from excellent reds, sparkling wines - made by traditional method, and sweet dessert wines including ice wine.

The winery carries a few eccentricities like the sparkling wine Oceanus. This is a wine which has been matured for several months at the bottom of the Gulf of Piran. Dolium is an orange wine that has been matured in earthenware containers buried in the ground. Another sparkling wine, a 1998 Aida from the Vinag wine cellar, won the championship title at the international competition Vinoforum in 2012. These and similar specialties are among those carried by the winery.

Treat yourself to an excellent wine tasting! Wine tastings are held for both individual guests as well as for larger groups.

Wines on offer at the Old Vine House

Wine tasting offer at the Old Vine House