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Defence Towers

Title: Tourist Information Centre Maribor
Address: Partizanska cesta 6a, 2000 Maribor
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Židovski stolp - Jewish Tower

The Jewish Tower, built in the second half of the 15th century, can be found whilst roaming around Lent and moreover next to the synagogue at the square Židovski trg. In former times the town's master watchman lived there. Today you can come here and look at photographic exhibitions showing works by local and foreign authors – namely the photo club Fotoklub Maribor has its rooms in the building.

Vodni stolp - Water Tower

This mighty Renaissance town fortification from the 16th century can be seen close by the river Drava at Lent, the street Usnjarska ulica, one of the oldest streets in the town, will lead you past it. The inhabitants built the tower on account of the constant fear of Turkish raids and with the tower moved the defence of the town also down to the river. Today it stands on new foundations, 142 cm higher than originally. This was on account of the rising surface of the water on the completion of the dam in Mejle. Above the Water Tower from the walls of the old Jewish quarter rises the Jewish Tower.

Sodni stolp - Judgement Tower

The Judgement Tower dates from the 14th century and is one of the defence towers of the town wall, which once defended the town. Around the year 1540 it was built in a fortress shape, the present image is from the year 1830. It got its name from the time when sentences were pronounced in it.  It is also linked to the trials of witch’s processes, as it was here that sentences were pronounced on women who were perceived as being witches. Due to its shape the Judgement Tower is also known as the Round Tower, and due to the nearness of the Minorite monastery also as the Monastic Tower. You will find it in the lower part of Maribor's market place in Lent.

Čeligijev stolp – Tscheligi Tower

The Tscheligi Tower is the only still preserved tower of the five original towers on the northern defence wall.. Also known as the Black Tower it got this name from the renowned Maribor Tscheligi brewery. Built between 1460-1465 this stone building, which is almost square in shape, is today surrounded by newly built blocks of flats. Nearby, at the corner of the streets Gregorčičeva and Gledališka ulica, stands the likewise connected to beer building of the former Gambrinus restaurant and hall. The building was named after the legendary Flanders' king, King Gambrinus, who is supposed to have invented the process of brewing beer.