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Wine and Food

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The people of Styria like to boast of their excellent food and drink.

This presumption is largely confirmed by the large amount of people who flock to the region for unforgettable gastronomic and wine related moments. These occasions are enhanced by the many backdrops a visitor can choose from: the animated city, the green of Pohorje during summer months, the white snow blanketing Pohorje in the winter, or on the slopes of sunlit vineyards.

Centuries have refined the Styria region’s unique gastronomy and famous Styrian wines. As a result, it is easy to find a good inn, vintage restaurant, tourist farm or wine cellar belonging to a renowned winegrower who will add to his culinary and viticultural masterpieces a hint of the characteristic Styrian hospitality.

The rich tradition of wine-making is symbolised by the oldest grapevine in the world growing and bearing grapes for more than 400 years on the riverbank of the Drava. The Old Vine Festival that takes place every year offers an ideal opportunity to get to know the rich wine-growing tradition and the exceptional wines offered by local wine-growers and inn-keepers.

Traditional dishes rich in taste often consist of pork, sauerkraut and turnips, beans, eggs, sour cream and cottage cheese, different types of cereals, and, of course, potatoes. The dishes are best accompanied by a white wine spritzer, pronounced “shpritzer.” The mixture of wine and sparkling mineral water is a very popular drink in the region. On the other hand, in the centre of Maribor there are numerous restaurants specialising in international cuisine; especially the Mediterranean and Balkan cuisine that has strong roots in the everyday life of the Styrians.

TIC Maribor will be happy to help you plan your wine-and-gastronomic excursions of inns, restaurants, tourist farms, vineyards and wine cellars in order for you to become better acquainted with the variety of Styrian tastes.