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Zora Janžekovič

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Janžekovič was born in Slovenska Bistrica. In 1938 she graduated from the Maribor gymnasium. After that she studied medicine at the University of Zagreb and was promoted in 1947. After that she started working at the Maribor hospital (today Maribor University Medical Centre). In June 1955 she became the head of the plastic surgery department and successfully passed the exam for plastic and reconstruction surgery at the University of Belgrade two years later. She was known among doctors nationally and internationally for inventing and original method of treating burns. I was a giant leap forward not only when it came to treating burn victims but also for the reputation Slovenian medical scientists got abroad. When Janžekovič’s method was positively received in 1968, Maribor became a world center of burns treatment for more than a decade. Many of the world-renowned plastic surgeons came to Maribor to receive education or council concerning reconstruction surgery. In 2000 Janžekovič received so called Slovenian Medal of Freedom (Častni znak svobode Republike Slovenije) for “many years of selfless and sacrificing medical work.” She died in Radenci.